Cherkizona. One-off People

After a tragic death of his wife, Sergey Vinogradov, a surgeon from a provincial town, has no one closer than Dasha, 10, a daughter of a passed away woman. The girl herself treat him as her father. Sergey secretly quits his job at a hospital, sells an apartment and goes with Dasha to Moscow in spite of her granddad’s will. They both find themselves at Cherkizon, full of hope, but the girl disappears with no traces left.

Sergey cannot address the police because he is blamed for Dasha’s kidnapping. He has to initiate his own search. But the giant market is a separate state with its own rules and laws, and it’salmost impossible to gain the truth.

Sergey’s investigation takes him to a market cathouse, a local casino and a slave market… He will need his all will not to become one of those one-off people whom Cherkizon beats…


Genre: drama, criminal

Number of episodes: 60

Timeslot: Channel REN TV

Available as: format and finished program