“How does one become a Champion?” “Nature gifts, God-given talent, and invincible will are needed. How can a delicate woman conquer a real Champion?” “Champion” is a new large-scale TV series from the authors of such unprecedented projects as “Zona,” “Atlantis,” “Avtonomka,” “Maroseyka 12,” “Lines of Fate,” “Sea Patrol,” and “Pain.” The past and the present intertwines in this dramatic story of a young and beautiful girl of humble origin, Tina (Evgeniya Osipova – Elena Korikova), who falls in love with a successful and promising football player on the local team, Alexander Zhigulyov (Victor Dobronravov). After a brief but all-consuming love affair, Alexander leaves to take a position on a high-class European club, an opportunity that he cannot turn down. Once he is gone, Tina learns that she is pregnant, and in despair over not hearing from Alexander, she loses the baby, and the doctors tell her that she will never be able to become pregnant again. 10 years later, a much older and wiser Tina, now married to a successful businessman, runs into Alexander at a party. He has moved back to Russia to play for the Moscow Arsenal, and realizing that he does not even recognize her, Tina vows revenge. She convinces her husband to buy the football team, and takes Alexander’s fate into her hands, doing everything she can to turn a champion into a loser. Champion was developed from a format from Israeli company Dori Media, a world leader in television series production, whose original series was a runaway success that enjoyed high ratings. The brilliant cast is led by Elena Korikova (“Spy Games” parts 1-3, “Peasant Lady,” “Captain’s Children,” “Poor Anastasya”) and Victor Dobronravov (“Moscow Windows,” “Antikiller,” “Shakespeare Has Little Dreams,” “Don’t Be Born Beautiful,” “Everything Got Mixed up at Home’), and features Mikhail Mamaev (“Atlantis,” “Gioconda on the Asphalt,” “Gardemarines,” “Vivat, Gardemarines!”). Real football players and coaches were hired as actors and advisers for the project, shot at RWS Moscow and on location in Moscow and at the Saturn Stadium.