Former wife

"I would like to take a job of the bailiff in connection with the firm resolve to finally restore the order and make every unscrupulous men remember the parental duty. I can no longer tolerate their selfishness and abuse to us single women. We raise and get to the feet, our only believe in this life, the children. To those for whom child support is the only hope for a normal life of the child, I promise, I solemnly swear: for every tear you shed bad fathers will answer with their money. "

 With this application Natasha Miller, 35, a professional singer, recently singing at the restaurant came to the Bailiffs service. Desperate to get child support from her ex, she decides to go to work to the bailiff service to personally bring to justice all alimony dodgers. Natasha is hired as an intern, and from that moment not only her life changes but the life of the Bailiffs Service and many of their wards changes.

 On her first working day Natasha is taken hostage by a former military man desperate to find his place in peace. Thanks to Natasha the story has ended without casualties, and the debtor has not got to court and managed to regain his lost dignity. And when Natasha's life is in danger he would be the one to come to her aid.

 Natasha cannot just brush off any eccentric visitor. To one of such "client" House Maintenance Service had to make a repair works for own expense. But the stumbling block has become the choice of wallpaper. The woman wanted the wallpaper with a specific pattern and did not go to any compromises, harassing construction workers and police officers. So this case would have lasted forever, if not for Natasha. She realized that the behind woman’s "vagaries" there is a serious reason. It turned out that she recently lost a daughter, and now her mother wants exactly the wallpaper that her daughter loved. Natasha has engaged a fellow programmer and found the very same wallpaper through the Internet.

 Dishonest people take use of Natasha's kindness. She took pity of the on unfortunate man paying alimony – he was very sincere on his lack of money and promised to pay every penny as soon as he gets the job. Natasha helped debtor to arrange for postpone of penalties, and found a side job – to fix the roof to an old woman. But "unfortunate debtor" cleaned up an old woman who had just sold an apartment in Moscow, and hit the toad, making Natasha look bad before her colleagues, and the old woman robbed, and the creditors to whom the fugitive owed money.


Genre: melodrama

Number of episodes: 12

Timeslot: Channel One

Available as: format and finished program