Bad blood

Masha is the all favorite. Kind, gentle, beautiful - a true angel! She is absolutely different from her sister Alya, as if not one mother gave birth to them. Alya hardly tolerates her sister, because she is in love with Masha’s groom, Sasha. No one, including Sasha, notices it. He needs only Masha, and the wedding day is appointed.

 On the eve Masha goes to Moscow to go to the institute – she dreams of becoming a music teacher. This visit will transform and disfigure the future life of not only Masha, but also of her family. Putting an eye on the naive beauty from the province, the son of an influential businessman, Ruslan decides to achieve reciprocity no matter what. After the brutal gang rape Masha is miraculously rescued. But being pregnant from the abuser negates all Masha’s hopes for marital happiness. In addition, one day this child would be the heir of a fortune ... and then the worse for Masha begins...



Genre: action/drama 

Number of episodes: 14

Timeslot: Channel One

Available as: format and finished program