Atlantis is a breathtaking story about two women, Vera Stepnova and Natalya Andreeva, who fall victim to a tragic series of events, leaving one a widow and the other a murderer. We all love our spouses and children, and hope that nothing will come between our family and happiness. But for these two women, unexpected trouble looms just around the corner, and one day turns the lives of their families upside down. They must reevaluate their lives and overcome pain, loss, insult, and humiliation, in order to find the strength to forgive and start anew. This fascinating story will appeal to everyone - it addresses the universal concepts of love and hatred, friendship and treachery, and despair and hope. A story as unpredictable as life itself, “Atlantis” will surely hit home with all who watch it.




Genre: drama

Number of episodes: 40

Timeslot: primetime

Available as: format and finished program