After two agents fail a mission in London by accidentally killing a well-known tycoon, Special Forces take action against them. These unlucky special agents, Viktor and Vlad, are exiled to a different unit with an odd name, “Antidope.” Here they meet their new stern boss and a criminal expert, and soon become completely desperate as they have to put up with tedious office tasks and routine paperwork. Soon, the unimaginable happens, bringing unexpected adventures into their lives. That’s when the brave agents realize how vastly they have underestimated their new job.

The two face incredible adventures and grave dangers as they try to capture Rezo (Igor Mirkurbanov), an evil and cunning drug lord, playing cat and mouse with his thugs, in order to rescue Viktor’s true love.



Genre: action/comedy/criminal  

Number of episodes: 90 min

Timeslot: primetime

Available as: format and finished program