Woman's word

Valentina , a faithful wife and diligent housekeeper, catches her husband, a grocery empire owner, red-handed with his sexy assistant...

Women’s dreams of far lands

CHEBAKOV  “This is just a dream… lasting for twelve years. Wake up and recover. The train. I’m going to Sochi… ”

Young and Wicked

The series tells that sooner or later there is nothing kept secret that will not come to the light; this is where a person faces a choice – to lead the same life or to go on the war-path? Our principal character chooses revenge. He is alone opposing everyone. But a woman emerges on his way who cannot be either loved or unloved…


Zona takes you into the world of the prisoners in an average Russian jail, and is based on stories told by real inmates. The story revolves around the mysterious murder of one of the guards...

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