New Life

Dmitry and Polina live a happy life with their six year old son. Dmitry has to go on a business trip, Polina takes her husband to the airport and later in the day finds out that Dmitry’s plane crashed. Polina is devastated but after checking the surveillance cameras at the airport Dmitry’s brothers (Oleg and Igor) tell Polina that her husband never got on that plane. In the airport he met a woman (Zamira) with a kid and they left together.

Polina is sure that Dmitry ran off with his lover. She doesn’t know that Dmitry hasn’t seen Zamira for a few years, he didn’t know that he was the father of her two boys. Zamira comes to Dmitry hoping he’ll help her find her second son. Dmitry goes to Israel to find the boy and doesn’t come back.                        

Oleg and Igor try to help Polina find her husband and realize that he was killed in the Middle East. But Dmitry is alive and soon Polina will understand that the man she trusts is responsible for Dmitry’s disappearance.

Genre: drama

Length: 32 x 60 min 

Timeslot: primetime 

Available as: format and finished program