RWS Has Started Filming for ‘God Has His Own Plans’

Russian World Studios has started filming for the ‘God Has His Own Plans’ romance drama. Filming, scheduled to finish in late March, will take place in Moscow.


RWS Has Started Filming for ‘Vasilisa Kozhina’, an Epic Drama

Russian World Studios, a leading Russian production and studio company, has started principal photography for four-episode feature ‘Vasilisa Kozhina’...


RWS and WeiT Media are in production of A Matter of Honor.

Russian World Studios (RWS) and WeiT Media group of companies proceed with a principal photography of a 20-episode family saga A Matter of Honor starring the Chadov brothers...


Taking a Deep Breath

‘Breathe with Me. Borrowed Happiness’, the second season of the romance TV series by Russian World Studios, starts airing on Russia One March 11.


We played A Saxophone Solo!

Russian World Studios wrapped up principal photography of A Saxophone Solo


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