Andrey Merzlikyn and Joanna Moro at the shooting in Crimea

Work on «Italian» project in Massandra palace of Emperor Alexander II on the Southern Crimean shore is all done. For the time of the shoot the palace ...

Latest society news

"Dog's Paradise" movie premiered on June 18, movie and theatre stars attended the premiere with their kids. The movie run guests got in the 1950's atmosphere for this one night: they had lemonade ...

RWS strides through the country: «Thirst» and «Dog's Paradise» movies premiere

«Stalker» film festival, that's been held in Moscow since 1995, does social events in Russian regions every year. Every month charity runs of movies ...

«Thirst»: movie festivals favourite

Almost simultaneously with the Cannes Film Festival XVII International Film Festival in Cheboksary ended. «Thirst» movie gathered the biggest collection of awards: «Golden Anna» award  «For the best direction» and «For the best supporting part» went to Igor Lyakh (school principal part), and also а special Internet bloggers award.

Film Festival President Karen Shakhnazarov congratulated winners of all the nominations and also thanked Chuvashsky republic government and those, who put together the movie forum for having organized the movie festival brilliantly. "It's a new stage turning point, that will allow the festival in the future to move on to the new level", - he emphasized.