Andrey Merzlikyn and Joanna Moro at the shooting in Crimea

Work on «Italian» project in Massandra palace of Emperor Alexander II on the Southern Crimean shore is all done. For the time of the shoot the palace ...

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RWS and WeiT Media are in production of A Matter of Honor.

Russian World Studios (RWS) and WeiT Media group of companies proceed with a principal photography of a 20-episode family saga A Matter of Honor starring the Chadov brothers, Andrei and Aleksey. It is worth mentioning that they act the parts of two brothers who have fallen apart to find themselves on opposite sides of a fight field.


A Matter of Honor is an original format owned by WeiT Media and the fourth co-production with RWS. It should be noted that the last fall co-productions of RWS and WeiT Media, including In The Wrong Skin (share of 22.8%; rating of 7.3%) and Made In The USSR (share of 15.1%; rating of 4.6%), premiered on TV. Another joint production The Neighbor (Chugunsk Style) is in post-production now.

The leading parts are taken by Aleksey Chadov (Night Watch, The Heat, Alive), Andrey Chadov (Cadets, Alive, Bigga Than Ben), Agniya Detkovskite (The Heat, Gamers. In Search Of The Target, Boris Godunov), Lyudmila Svitova (Ogurechnaya Lyubov, Made In USSR, Apple Garden), Sergey Zhigunov (Naval Cadets, Charge!, Moya Prekrasnaya Nyanya, Cadets), Tatiana Vasilieva (To See Paris and Die, Tomorrow Was the War, The Most Charming and Attractive), Viktoriya Tolstoganova (Igra Vzroslykh Devochek, Who Am I?, Burnt By the Sun 2: Intercession), Ivan Agapov (Papiny dochki, Margosha, Institut Blagorodnykh Devits), Yuliya Melnikova (Teatralniy Bluz, Schastie Po Retseptu, Zveroboy-3), Sergey Sosnovsky (Okhota na Piraniyu, Yuri’s Day, Nano-love), Yuri Belyaev (Kuka, Cadets, The Countess of Monsoreau).

Aleksey Chistikov is to direct the film. “This is a family saga featuring two protagonists, brothers Ivan and Aleksandr Nazarov, the director comments, - Aleksandr is an intelligent and well-read person getting ready for university admission; while Ivan is a neighborhood kid having no idea what to do in his life.”

The story begins in 2000s when the Nazarov family leaves a small town of Pervomaysk for Moscow in search for better life. Pyotr Nazarov, a householder, invests all his money to launch his appliance shop at a large market. The family life seems to be improving but the shop is robbed. It leads Pyotr to commit a suicide, and the boys’ mother goes mad having no strength to overcome this tragedy.

The brothers understand that the robbery wasn’t accidental, and now they set on planning revenge, both choosing opposite tactics. Ivan decides to intrude into a criminal world, find the people to blame for his father’s death, and kill them one by one. Aleksandr plans to become a lawyer to legally struggle against crimes and injustice.

Not only have these tactics brought the brothers to opposite sides of the fight field, but also that they fall in love with the same women and overcome their friends’ and fellows’ betrayals. But no matter what in their hardest and crucial moments the brothers understand that family ties is the only thing left and don’t hesitate to come to aid each other.

A Matter of Honor will be shot in Moscow to be completed in August.