Silent films’ curse was meaningless credits, modern films’ curse is meaningless dialogues.

Rene Clair

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Andrey Merzlikyn and Joanna Moro at the shooting in Crimea

Work on «Italian» project in Massandra palace of Emperor Alexander II on the Southern Crimean shore is all done. For the time of the shoot the palace ...


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"Dog's Paradise" movie premiered on June 18, movie and theatre stars attended the premiere with their kids. The movie run guests got in the 1950's atmosphere for this one night: they had lemonade ...


RWS strides through the country: «Thirst» and «Dog's Paradise» movies premiere

«Stalker» film festival, that's been held in Moscow since 1995, does social events in Russian regions every year. Every month charity runs of movies ...

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New Life

Dmitry and Polina live a happy life with their six year old son. Dmitry has to go on a business trip, Polina takes her husband to the airport and later in the day finds out that Dmitry’s plane crashed...