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An Inherited Crime

Any&rsquo;s plans for the summer changed instantly. Instead of going on a student&rsquo;s program to Crimea, she goes to the gardening company Soviet Geologist where her granddad, member of academy Ermolaev, passes away...<br />


After two agents fail a mission in London by accidentally killing a well-known tycoon, Special Forces take action against them. These unlucky special agents, Viktor (Dmitri Dyuzhev) and Vlad (Vladimir Turchinsky), are exiled to a different unit with an odd name, &ldquo;Antidope&rdquo;...


Atlantis is a breathtaking story about two women, Vera Stepnova (Nelly Uvarova) and Natalya Andreeva (Natalya Gudkova), who fall victim to a tragic series of events, leaving one a widow and the other a murderer...

Bad blood

Masha is the all favorite. Kind, gentle, beautiful - a true angel! She is absolutely different from her sister Alya, as if not one mother gave birth to them. Alya hardly tolerates her sister, because she is in love with Masha&rsquo;s groom, Sasha...

Break Away

In 1947, Aleksei Mitrokhin comes to the post-war Moscow to visit his friend Argunov, a former battalion commander, who saved him from execution during the war. It turns out that the commander has been convicted for 25 years and is now serving his sentence in a high security prison camp...

Breathe With Me (aka She)

When Igor, PhD in Mathematics and a loving husband and father in the recent past, first sees beautiful and self-assured Karina (Natalya Rudova), he falls in love as passionately as for the first time. Igor (Vitali Yegorov) and Lana (Natalya Antonova) have lived together for ten years...<br />

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Молодая летчица Мари, строптивая и отважная, отправляется на поиски своего любимого, который исчез в районе Сахары, пытаясь совершить рекордный перелет из Лондона в Кейптаун...