About the company


"Russian World Studios”, RWS – is the largest private film company in the domestic market for providing services, producing and distribution of film and television content.


Russian World Studios Company was founded in 1998.

In late 2007, the RWS Company became part of the OJSC "Mass Media System" the company managing media assets of the AFK "System". Besides CJSC "Russian World Studios" the structure of the CMM includes CJSC "TV Company "STREAM", communication group" Maxima ", "Digital Broadcasting "(DTV). At the same time the RWS Company was renamed into CJSC "Russian World Studios".

By 2012, RWS has implemented more than 600 television and film projects, including 20 international ones. Studio collaborates with major international companies: Sony Pictures Television International, Hallmark Entertainment, HBO Films, Beacon Pictures and others. Purchasers of rights to show RWS products are leading Russian and foreign TV channels: Channel One, Russia 1, STS, NTV, 1+1 (Ukraine), "Inter" (Ukraine), Channel 9 (Israel) and many others.


About the projects

The volume of RWS produced serial and film products is about 1500 hours. According to the calculations of SRG-Appraisal today the cost of RWS rights is estimated at $ 60 million. By 2013 the CJSC "Russian World Studios” plans to increase the production of content and form one of the largest Russian library of films and TV series. Thus, according to the development strategy of the company, within 3 years the RWS library content will be not less than 2500 hours.

In 2011, the largest TV channels in the Russian Federation broadcasted more than 500 hours of RWS TV series production. Moldova and Germany started to collaborate with RWS. There are new customers - Channel "Muz TV", "Zvezda", "STB», «Yes/Rainbow" (Israel). Total number of films and serials RWS sold in 2011 reached 2759 hours.

By results of 2011, the volume of total sales increased by 74% due to growth in volumes sold in the CIS and Baltic countries, as well as the volume of repeat sales. Successful was the launch of Internet platform. Being in line with the latest trends in contemporary film and television production the RWS Company and the movie website NOW.RU have concluded agreement on broadcasting the film novelties online. The result of this cooperation is the online premiere of the "My favorite dunce" movie starring A. Chadov and E. Vilkova.

In early 2012, a number of television projects started. Among them - the series "A Matter of Honor", "Victoria", "I go out to look for you-2", TV movies “Saxophone Solo" "True love",  "The God plans" and many others.

In March 2012, the RWS film company started filming the historical drama "Vasilisa Kozhina" (Directed by Anton Sivers). The film is recognized as socially relevant and timed to coincide with the bicentennial of the War of 1812. A full meter and TV version are being shot. "Vasilisa Kozhina" is a story of neif who gathered a partisan group of Russian widows who have made their own, a significant contribution to the expulsion of the French from Russia. Filming took place in the most beautiful corners of the Leningrad and Pskov regions.

In February 2012, was released "The House on the sidelines" filmed in conjunction with the TRITE studio OF Nikita Mikhalkov, director Anton Sivers. In the summer of 2011 was released the feature film of RWS production, «Children's Games of adulthood", director Ilya Kazankov.

RWS Company successfully operates in the international market. In October 2010 the first modern Russian-Indian serial movie "Hindu" was aired. RWS partners in this project were the creators of the Oscar-winning "Slumdog Millionaire". In December 2010 series "Hindu" was presented to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev during the official visit of the President to India. The project has been praised by the president. In the near future the studio plans several joint projects with Indian, Chinese and British filmmakers.


About the awards and nominations 

Movies and TV series of the "Russian World Studios" were repeatedly nominated and became the winners of prestigious national and international television and film awards.

In 2008, RWS produced the directorial debut of popular American actor Joseph Fiennes ("Shakespeare in Love") – the short film, "The Spirit”. The same year, the film won the prize «Cinema ForPeace» at the Berlin Film Festival.

In 2011, RWS won several other awards. The series "Palm Sunday" won a cinematography award "Golden Eagle" as the "Best TV movie or mini-series".

The award "Gold Rhino" was awarded to the project, "Breathe with me" and "Cherkizon" in three categories. The prize for the best actress in the category "best television series below 32 series" was awarded to the actress Natalia Antonova (the "Breathe with me" series). In the category "TV novella" the figurines were given to the actors of “Cherkizon", Anastasia Makeeva (Best Actress) and Dmitry Miller (Best Actor).

In March 2011 the action series "Women's dreams of distant lands" was nominated for the XIII International Festival DetectiveFEST" as the best themed television series".

In March 2011, the series "Hindu" was nominated for the award "Best TV Drama Series» / TV Series Drama 51st International TV Festival in Monte Carlo. The series is also represented in the nominations: "Best Producer of Drama Series" - Yuri Sapronov, Andrei Smirnov, "Best Actor in a Drama Series" - Egor Beroev, Marat Basharov and "Best Actress of Drama Series" - Ekaterina Rednikova, Panchi Bora.

RWS series have become the nominees of International Festival in Monte Carlo before. Over the years, for the prize in the category of best drama series competed the projects, "Zone" (2006), "Atlantis" (2008), "Palm Sunday" (2010).

Throughout the 2011 film "House on the sidelines" filmed in conjunction with the Nikita Mikhalkov TRITE studio (director Anton Sivers) repeatedly was awarded by the Jury of the Russian and international film festivals. In late December, a film was shown in the XVII International Film Festival on Human Rights "Stalker". The film was enrolled in a special program of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in the Russian Federation "Cinema on the rights of women." Previously, "House on the sidelines," was shown at the festival "Lipetsk choice-2011". In Yekaterinburg, in the VI International Festival of family and children's films "The Family Circle" Tatiana Cherkasova who played the leading role, received the prize for Best Actress in the film festival.

The prize for best actress was also awarded to Tatiana Cherkasova at the festival "Amur Autumn”, held in late September in Blagoveshchensk. At the festival "Kinoshock - 2011" Yuri Shaygardanov who directed "The House on the sidelines," was awarded the prize for best cinematography. In the summer of 2011 the film was shown at the capital's film festival "Moscow Premiere" under the "Special Event Festival" and the International Film Festival in Montreal in the program Focus On World Cinema.

 Other international nominations of "Russian World Studios":

  • “PalmSunday” (2010)
  • “Best mini-series” Nomination at Monte Carlo Television Festival 2010
  • “Best mini-series” Nomination at BANFF World Television Festival 2010
  • “Snow Angel” (2008)
    TEFI (Russian National Television Awards for professional achievement in television broadcasting Award) 2008
  • “Atlantis” (2008)
    “Best TV Drama Series” Nomination at Monte Carlo Television Festival 2008
    “Best Telenovela and Serial Program” Nomination at BANFF World Television Festival 2008 in Canada
  • “The Spirit” (2007) (co-produced with Studio Eight)
    Cinema for Peace Award for Best Film at Berlinale 2008
    Special screening at MIFF 2007
    Special screening at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival 2007
  • “Pain” / (2007)
    “Best TV Drama Series” Nomination at Monte Carlo Television Festival 2007
    “Best TV Drama Series” Nomination at Seoul Drama Awards 2007
  • “Zona” / «Зона» (2006)
    “Best TV Drama Series” Nomination at Monte Carlo Television Festival 2006
  • “Poor Anastasya”  (2003-2004)
    TEFI (Russian National Television Awards for professional achievement in television broadcasting Award) for the best production design (A.Boym, A. Burkov, I. Lapteva) 2004
  • “Cobra” (2001)
    A memorial plaque at the 55th Film Festival.