Sound movie revealed silence.

Robert Bresson

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"Russian World Studios" and "PROview" presented "Movie about the real stuff"

Yesterday Dmitry Tyurin's debut movie  «Thirst» premiered in Moscow in «35mm» movie theatre. Mikhail Grubov, who did the lead, actors Sergey Lavygin and Anna Banshchikova and director of photography Mark Ziselson came to present ...


A “Little Moscow” movie to be broadcast on Domashny Channel

A retired Russian officer is visited by a daughter. Speaking about his wife a man recollects his everyday life in “Little Moscow” of 1960s. A young captain was then sent to Legnica with his beautiful wife Vera...


"Thirst" the French style

Best director debut, Best script, Best male lead (Mikhail Grubov and Roman Kurtsyn) are well deserved awards, that Dmitry Tyurin's movie won at the 21st Russian movies festival in Honfleur...

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